Voter ID Card Download With Photo – Voter card download

Voter ID Card Download With Photo: You can easily download a voter ID card with a photo online. In addition, If you have previously registered for a new voter ID card, you can download the voter ID card with a photo online; you need to follow just three steps. bellow here

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At present, the voter ID card is an essential document for us. A voter ID card is required for any urgent work at any time. Voter ID cards are especially needed to complete official work. And we don’t always have a voter ID card. Most of the time, we leave the voter ID card at home. So If we need to vote during important work, we will not be able to complete the job due to a lack of voter ID cards.

The voter ID card is one of our most important documents. Voter ID cards are used everywhere, not just for voting. such as SIM registration, bKash account opening, including various necessary work. An online copy of your ID card will be required for the official position.  According to the following rules, you can check the voter ID card and download the voter ID card with a photo.

There are 3 Steps to download your voter ID card with a photo.

  • First, you need to check the voter ID card number by voter slip.
  • Secondly, you have to register on the Election Commission website with the voter ID card number and need to do face verification.
  • After logging in, you have to click on the download button.

The picture you can see below is the voter slip. You got the Voter slip like the picture below when you were registered as a voter by the Election Commission to Come To us to collect our voter information. You need The 8-digit number on this slip to find your voter ID card number.

Voter Slip

Earlier, I Could check the voter ID card information with the slip number from the Election Commission Voter Information website, but now this service is temporarily closed. So we have to take the help of SMS to check the voter ID card.

Voter ID Card Check Via SMS

To check voter ID card type from your mobile message option SC <space> F <Space> Voter Slip Number <space> D <space> YY_MM_DD And Send It To 105

Example SC F 12345678 D 2001-12-31 and send it.

After sending this message, you will be given a voter ID card number in the following message. You will need that voter ID card number to download the voter ID card.

NID Card Registration System

After collecting your voter ID card number, you have to go to the official website of the Election Commission with the voter ID card number and your date of birth and complete the registration process. Click on this link to register. After visiting the website you will see an interface like below

Voter ID Card Download With Photo

Click The Registration Button And you will be shown a new interface like

Voter ID Card Download With Photo

Type the 10 or 13, or 17 digits of your voter ID card number and your date of birth here. Completing the captcha code will take you to the next step.

You will then be asked to complete a face verification. You can see the interface in the picture below. You can scan a QR code by downloading nid wallet.apk from Google Play Store.

ভোটার আইডি কার্ড চেক

photo nid wallet apk play store

After the verification is complete, you will be asked to set a password and login into the account by providing a password for your account.

Voter card download

After successfully registering and logging in to the NIDW website, you will be able to see all the information on your Voter ID Card and your picture as below. You will see some options on the right side there, and you will find an option called download.

Voter Card Download

This way, you can easily download your voter ID card with a photo.

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